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Of course, the absolute BEST way to learn about Tea Leaf Ironstone China is to become a member of  the Tea Leaf Club.  Join with other collectors, read the newsletter, attend the national convention and regional meetings,  and learn from our educational publications.  Click here for a Membership Invitation.  The following printed materials are also available.


"Handbook of Tea Leaf Body Styles"
A project of the Education Committee of the Tea Leaf Club International, Nancy Upchurch, c. 1995, 2000.  Published by TLCI.  Completely updated in 2000.  Next major update planned for 2006.  Available only to members of the Tea Leaf Club.


"Grandma's Tea Leaf Ironstone"
By Annise Heaivilin, c. 1981, republished 1996 with no changes or corrections.  Price guide has received criticism for not being accurate.  It's a classic but does not reflect current-day Tea Leaf knowledge.


Illustrated Guide of White Ironstone China from A-Z

Researched and created by Ernie and Bev Dieringer


"White Ironstone: A Collectors Guide"
By Jean Wetherbee, c. 1996.  A superb reference book with a chapter on Tea Leaf and other Copper Lustre decorated Ironstone.


"White Ironstone: A Survey of its Many Forms"
By Dawn Stoltzfus and Jeffrey B. Snyder, c. 1997, Schiffer Publishing.  Covers Copper Lustre, Flow Blue, Mulberry and Undecorated White Ironstone.  Great photos!


"A Look at White Ironstone" and "A Second Look at White Ironstone"
By Jean Wetherbee, out-of-print.


"White Ironstone China Plate Identification Guide (1840-1880)"
By Ernie & Bev Dieringer, c. 2001, Schiffer Publishing.  An indentification guide to White Ironstone and Copper Lustre-decorated dishes.  Great photos!


By Julie Rich, c. 1992, Published by Tea Leaf Club International.  Available only to members of the Tea Leaf Club.


"Tea Leaf Readings"
The Official Newsletter of the Tea Leaf Club International, available to Club members


"White Ironstone Notes"
Official Newsletter of the White Ironstone China Assn., Inc.  


"Body Language: A Glossary of Terms"
c. 1990, by Nancy Upchurch, published by Tea Leaf Club International.  Available only to members of the Tea Leaf Club.


"Encyclopedia of Marks"
By Arnold and Dorothy Kowalsky, c. 1999.  The most comprehensive marks book written to date.


"Antique Trader Price Guide to Antiques"
October 1987 Issue, special article entitled "Tea Leaf Ironstone",  by Jean Wetherbee and Adele Armbruster.



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